Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wall Painting Project - Aralikatte Store

 Painted peepal tree and birdies here. The beautiful Chittara Art under the tree was done by another artist.

 Chittara Art inspired Border designs

 Banana Tree :)

Off the Cliff!

Digital Painting

Concept Art 

Tee Designs

I made this Tee desiiiignn :D As per the request from the B'day boy I had to incorporate five main Raagas of Carnatic music and come up with a design -

Some more designs 

Candy Tresses
Ukulele Player

Filter Coffeeee

Made this for the love of Filter Coffee and Athangudi tile patterns 



Pencil Sketch on Cartridge paper


The old way of showing that the vehicle is broken down and is stationary ðŸ˜€
People here in India just hang some tree branches and leaves when any of their vehicle breaks down on the road and are waiting for a mechanic or a tow truck to fix it.
Best part is people understand automatically that it is broken down and we move around it hehe.. 
I found that fascinating and wanted to quickly sketch about it😁

Swalpa Adjust Maadi! :D

Pencil Sketch :D